All About Diapers

Let’s talk diapers! They’re more complex than you may think! Yes, diapering a child is hard. Quite frankly it is the thing I like least as a parent. Here are my diaper tips:

1. The weights and ages on the diaper box can be deceiving. We’ve always had to size up one or two for my son. For instance, Size 3 diapers are for babies 16-28 lbs, but my 27 pounder hasn’t worn size 3 diapers since he was 6 months old. There is no way he would fit a size 3 diaper.

2. The best fit is when the diaper covers the belly button (especially for boys and for long nights!). This helps to prevent leaks and doesn’t cut into their bellies making them uncomfortable.

3. If the diaper is leaving marks on baby’s skin, you’re suddenly changing diapers very frequently, or suddenly having frequent accidents, it’s time to size up!

4. Some diapers have size up indicators. These are usually lines on the diaper where you would fasten the diaper. When the tabs get to those line, size up!

5. Those legs cuffs closet to the inside layer of the diaper, flip ‘em out away from the diaper! In other words, fluff the ruffle. This will help eliminate blow outs!

6.If you have an older squirmy babe and use Huggies Little Movers that have that extra tab, you can put the diaper together and put it on like a pull-up!

7. Overnight diapers are not necessarily necessary. I have used them, however, in my opinion, sizing up works just as well, if not better.

8.If you have a squirmy baby, you could try putting a mobile over top of the changing station, prop them up on a pillow and give them some water or milk to drink, or distract them in some other manner. For example, we ask “are your feet stinky?” and smell his feet. He thinks its hilarious. You could also sing a song or give them a book. As well, give them a granola bar, a plastic bag, wadded up tin foil, all with supervision of course. They will love the sounds, feeling, and colours of the objects. However, it is important to remember that older babies and toddlers are far too busy for diaper changes. It is normal for them to want do anything else. It is also important to remember to keep this process fun and positive. Children are fast learners and they will sense your frustration and further avoid negative situations.

9. Always lay a clean diaper under the dirty diaper, prior to taking off the dirty one. Not only does this allow for a quick change, but may also catch residual messes if you know what I mean.

10. Finally, always be prepared! Have diapers, wipes, distractions, and diaper cream on hand! There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot something mid change!

If you have any tips to add, I love to hear about them!

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