What Is A Sleep and Well-Being Specialist? My Promise To You.

The Baby-Led Sleep ™ was co-created by Lauren Heffernan at Isla-Grace. Lauren has since created a sleep certification in Baby-Led Sleep ™ and Well-Being, which I have taken and am certified in. This approach is unlike no other. It is a developmental and holistic based approach that focuses on parental instincts, attachment, and connected relationships. It is important to know that as a Baby-Led Sleep & Well-Being Specialist, I am NOT a sleep consultant, sleep coach, or sleep trainer.

I am a safe place where you can speak freely and feel validated.

I respect the relationship you have with your child and support you in connecting with them on a deeper level.

I will help you to see your child’s uniqueness and I will teach you about development, emotions, separation, and so much more all with your family’s needs in mind. The work we do will extend far past sleep.

I will help you to feel empowered in your parenting choices, to trust your instincts, and to find ways to honour yourself and your family.

I will NEVER use separation based techniques. Instead, I will promote closeness and connections, and I will help you to determine what works for you and what doesn’t.

 I will NEVER ask you leave your child to cry in isolation. Instead, I will support you in setting boundaries, making space for your child’s emotions and supporting them through those emotions.

I will NEVER give you a generic sleep schedule or sleep plan with no consideration of your family’s uniqueness. Instead, I will get to know your family and we will create a custom plan that feels good to you.

I will NEVER force you to make changes that you don’t feel comfortable with. Instead, I will guide you in keeping the things you love, and changing the things you don’t. 

I will NEVER address sleep as a behaviour. Instead, I will help you in uncovering the root of the concern and work with you to address the issue.

I will NEVER judge your choices. Instead, I will support you believing that as parents, when we know better, we do better.

 I will NEVER silence or discredit you, your concerns, or your opinions. Instead, I will help you to reclaim your instincts and to see that you are the expert on your child.

 I promise to NEVER make you feel alone as you navigate through changes. Instead, I will be a part of your village.

I promise to NEVER push you too a place you don’t feel confident and supported. Instead, I will help you discover how to set limits before you’ve reached your own.

I will NEVER push you to a place you, or your child, feel uncomfortable. Instead, I will guide in you recognizing that sleep is a vulnerable place and that we can help your child sleep when we have met all their needs, including needs of proximity and connection.

 I will NEVER make your needs of lesser importance.Instead, I will work alongside you to find ways to make self-care both possible, but also essential in your life.

Learn more about me and my approach, or check out our services.

*Words adapted from Sarah at My Connected Motherhood

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