I live in Northern Canada with my husband & three Littles! I founded Raising Littles because I was frustrated with the outdated, and incomplete, advice I was given.

I’ve always had an interest in human behaviour, development, and well-being. I had spent years supporting clients in the mental health field. However, this interest grew and shifted to that of parents and children after having children of my own.

Like all parents, I was faced with copious amounts of inaccurate, and incomplete, information that created fear, anxiety, guilt, and a disconnect from my maternal instincts. I was consumed with doing the “right” thing. I sought answers in family members, friends, health professionals, social media, and the internet (they must know more than me). The problem was that the “right” thing wasn’t right for my family. The answers I received didn’t address the root cause. It was at this point that I vowed to create a place where parents could go to feel supported, validated, and safe.

I use my education in Psychology, my experience in Mental Health, and additional certifications to support parents through their parenting journey and to help them understand, and connect, with their Littles on a deeper level. I believe that you are the expert on your child and you hold the answers. I strive to help you reclaim your instincts, guide you to the answers you seek,and create a more peaceful and parenting experience.


  • BA Psychology and Criminology
  • Masters in Psychology
  • PhD in Psychology (in progress)
  • Baby-Led Sleep & Well-Being Specialist
  • Breastfeeding Support and Knowledge
  • Infant Reflux Certification
  • Maternal Mental Health Intensive: PMADs and Perinatal Loss & Grief
  • Breastfeeding Specialist (in progress)
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