Our Approach

At Raising Littles, we support families using a developmental, attachment, and holistic based approach. It is our mission to help parents find solutions through responsive and holistic practices, and build connected relationships. We are passionate about helping families improve their sleep, reflux, and/or parenting situation without resorting to sleep training, medication, or traditional parenting practices.

Our approach:

  • respects and nurtures the attachment system;
  • supports the natural progression of development;
  • is breastfeeding friendly;
  • acknowledges children as people who deserve to be seen and heard;
  • encourages parents to believe and trust their own instincts;
  • empowers parents to make changes that are no longer working for the family;
  • reinforces feelings of safety and security in your child; and
  • is multi-disciplinary and may require referrals to other practitioners.

Our approach will help you to:

  • understand realistic expectations about sleep, reflux, and parenting;
  • tune into your child’s cues and unique patterns;
  • nurture trust;
  • connect with, and understand, your child on a deeper level;
  • understand how sleep works and what causes sleep interruptions
  • understand what reflux is and its underlying causes;
  • find solutions that promote more sleep and increased comfort that are unique to your current situation and family;

Our approach does NOT:

  • make false promises or guarantees;
  • utilize separation based techniques;
  • use behavioural strategies; or
  • offer generic plans.

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